Are you looking for Kids Martial Arts Classes in Austintown, Ohio?

Then get 6 weeks of Kids Martial Arts Classes AND a FREE UNIFORM for only $69 at Next Level Martial Arts Academy.

Your child will be in great hands at our academy under the watchful eye of our black belts who have accumulated dozens of years of experience in the martial arts. Your child will not only have a blast, they will make new friends, improve their social skills, get exercise and much more.

Benefits Of Training at Next Level Martial Arts

  • Your child will learn how to defend themselves properly and safely
  • They will learn better self control and have an improved temperament
  • Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly get better grades
  • Their strength and coordination will go through the roof
  • Your child will make new friends and gain social skills and social confidence
  • We will teach them the importance of setting goals and striving to reach them
  • They will have fun!

Who Can Train at Next Level Martial Arts?
Anyone! We welcome everyone to come train at our academy. Little boys, big girls, skinny kids, overweight kids, shy kids, sports stars, video game fanatics, AND EVEN PARENTS can train at our academy. Everyone can benefit from Martial Arts in their lives.

Are Martial Arts Safe?
Kids Martial Arts classes are incredibly safe for your child while they are training, and even SAFER when your child is alone as they will have the knowledge, skill and confidence to defend themselves should they ever need to. We hope that day never comes, but our classes will give you the piece of mind to know that your child will be in good hands at the academy, and outside of it, if it does ever come.

Amazing Black Belt Instruction For Your Child.
In our Kids Martial Arts Classes we have a team of amazing and highly experienced black belts who will work with your child from day one to help them feel comfortable in class, improve their skills, get a great workout, and HAVE FUN!

Our team of instructors have dozens of years combined in the Martial Arts and are excited to help your child start their journey in the Martial Arts as well. We love to help mold young children into young adults and give to them all of the amazing things that Martial Arts have given to us.

You can rest assured that our team will take great care of your child and that your child will have a blast while training with their new found friends.

How Can I Get Started?
Well that’s simple, just click the blue “Register Now” button in the image at the very top of this page and you can signup online in just a couple of minutes and your child will be ready to go!

Or if you have more questions you can call us now at 330-550-4324, or fill out the “Learn More” form at the top right of this page and we will contact you shortly and answer any questions that you have.