Youngstown Kids Martial Arts Classes


Dear Parent, if you're looking for a Martial Arts program that will increase your child's confidence, help them handle peer pressure, teach them to defend themselves, instruct them on how to handle bullies, and give them life skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives then you've come to the right place!

That's me, James Terlecki, in the picture below. I've been involved in Martial Arts now for over 30 years. I started in Korean Tae Kwon Do when I was 8 years-old and have continued to train in various Martial Arts my entire life. As a young boy I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies. I can remember being 4 or 5 years-old, running around the house, punching and kicking, pretending I was him. A lot has changed since those days, but one thing that hasn't is my love and passion for Martial Arts. I feel so blessed because now I get to share that love and passion with my students.


I feel that it's important to tell you that our kids martial arts program takes a very unique path that most other kids martial arts programs do not. Training in Martial Arts as a young boy I was really only interested in training what worked in a real life, hand-to-hand combat situation. I wasn't interested in learning katas or breaking boards. I was interested in learning and acquiring a set of skills that would be applicable in a real life situation. As time went on those convictions never left me; they only grew stronger, so when it was time for me to open my own academy I developed a kids curriculum around this central idea...forgo tradition and only teach what works in a real life situation. After all, when your child is confronted by a bully, and he or she will, how will they handle the situation? The truth is, if they haven't been taught how to correctly deal with that situation they're not going to know what to do. They're probably going to get embarrassed, humiliated and potentially beat up. If you're anything like me you don't want to risk that happening to your child, so you need to make sure he or she is prepared for the situation before it happens.

Check out the picture of the book below. This book was co-authored by me. I wrote it because I wanted to help parents know exactly what to do when their child was confronted by a bully. The internet is flooded with terrible advice on the issue and I felt I had an obligation to give children an easy to follow system to help them deal with the situation. This is the same system I teach to the children in my academy. So, if your child is confronted by a bully are you confident that they will know what to do? Do they have the confidence to stand up for themselves? Do they have the skills to be able to defend themselves? What if a bigger and stronger kid tackles your child to the ground and gets on top of him or her, like in the picture below, will they know how to safely get out from underneath them without taking any damage? These are serious questions you need to ask yourself, because the day will come when your child will have to stand up for him or herself. Are they ready? My obligation to you is to get them ready.


At my academy I feel that the main purpose I serve is to teach your child to protect themselves. This is not to say that this is where the learning ends for the children in our program because it doesn't. We teach children the importance of honoring their father and mother. We teach them the value of teamwork and how to work well with others. They learn the importance of things like goal setting, work ethic, how to be a leader, how to focus and follow instruction. We even have a system in place to encourage and ensure their hard work in their academic classroom. Many of our students have gone from getting D's and F's to getting A's and B's shortly after becoming students in our kids program. We love being involved in our students' lives in this way, but if your child attends my academy and they can't defend themselves against another kid I haven't done my job. My top priority is to make sure your child can defend him or herself against an attacker. How do we do this? By teaching them a self-defense system that actually works.

At my academy I've developed a program for kids that pretty much makes them bullyproof. One of the things that makes our kids program so unique is that the whole curriculum is built around this central idea - use what works and eliminate the rest. We don't waste our time teaching your child a bunch of things that they're never going to use. We focus 100% of our time on giving them a reality based self-defense system, so that if they're put in a situation where they have to defend themselves they can. How do we do this? By concentrating our efforts on these 3 areas of a fight...1.) striking, 2.) clinching, and 3.) grappling. I don't know if you've ever thought about this so let me draw your attention to it. There are 3 areas/ranges/distances that a fight can take place. The first is on the feet within striking range. When people think of fighting they most often think of this aspect. The second range is the clinch. This happens when two people grab hold of each other. This is often the most neglected, but it's the most pivotal because the person who can dominate the clinch can dictate where the fight will end up. If a bigger, stronger kid wants to take your child to the ground and your child doesn't know what to do to prevent it then he or she is going to end up with their back on the ground with the attacker on top of them. Not a good place to be. The last range is the grappling range. Let's say the bully accomplished what he set out to do...get your child to the ground and get on top of them; now, can your child reverse the situation and get on top of his or her assailant? If they can't they're in a lot of trouble, but if they have the technique to know how to escape the bottom and get on top they can easily subdue their attacker.

At my academy, we focus on learning how to fight and defend ourselves in all three of these scenarios. The children in our program learn how to do these three fundamental things...1.) how to strike on the feet, 2.) how to fight from the clinch, and 3.) how to grapple. If you go to just about any Martial Arts school you'll notice that they only teach their students how to do one of these three things, but at my academy we train all three so that no matter where the fight would end up your child will know exactly what he or she needs to do to come out the victor. Remember, there are a lot of things that are important to us at Next Level Martial Arts. We want to see your child become more focused, more goal oriented, more respectful, more humble, more hard working, but most of all we want to give your child the skill and ability to defend themselves when they're put in a situation where they have to.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can email me at or call me at 330-550-4324. If everything I said makes sense to you and you'd love to get your child involved in our kids program you can do that today by clicking on the link at the top of the page and signing them up for our trial offer. Your child will receive 6 weeks of classes for $99 plus receive a free uniform. If at any point during the trial you feel our program is less than great you can have a full refund. Again, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Otherwise, go ahead and register now to take advantage of our 6 week trial offer. I hope to meet you and your child very soon. Have a wonderful day!


James Terlecki