“What has next level done for me?!?

That list is way too long, but I will try to hit the highlights!

I am 32 years old, married, and have three children between the ages of 4 and 9. I decided to join the team at Next Level after watching my children transform. They became more disciplined, focused, amazingly self-confident, obedient, kinder to one and other, stronger, and built great friendships! Oh... and I know without a doubt, they can and will defend themselves and stand up for others.

Personally, Next Level, has done the same for me, taking me to the NEXT LEVEL! Shortly after joining, I changed my mindset. Next Level is not my team, they are my family! I have trained a little in Muay Thai Kickboxing, but mostly BJJ (7 months now). In the first month I lost 35 lbs, I went from 179lbs to 144lbs. Currently I'm at 142lbs and in the best shape of my life, which has helped me with my kids, my career, and my marriage. I have the confidence in myself that I always pretended to have before. I walk with my head high, because I am comfortable with, and confident in the skills I am learning at Next Level. I've never wrestled or studied a martial art, but after seven months with Next Level, I just took 1st place in my 3rd BJJ tournament; those are results! James is personally dedicated to each of his students, whether they study for sport, self-defense, or both, and it shows. I can't imagine a better atmosphere at a gym, than that at Next Level! First class gym + first class
instructors + first class training = first class results that are proven! ”


“I've been practicing and competing in Brazilian Jiujutsu and MMA since 1997 and can say without a doubt Mr James Terlecki is the absolute best instructor in Northeast Ohio. He is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to convey instruction to his students. He is a true master of his craft and has elevated my martial arts experience like no other instructor. If you want the absolute best instruction in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA, Next Level Martial Arts is the only place to go!”


“I started at Next Level Martial Arts doing the fitness kickboxing class. I wanted to lose weight and get into shape. The class not only did that for me but it also bettered my life in so many other ways. I just feel better. I'm strong and everything I do is not exhausting. It's more than that though. By taking the class it gave me the courage to start the Muay Thai and BJJ classes. Something I never could have seen myself doing, even though I've been around Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai for years watching my husband and son train. I had no idea how much I would love it! The coaches are amazing! The whole program is. James Terlecki has so much experience. He has a deep bench of instructors who all offer something different and provide a training experience that's just hard to top. I am blessed to know James and his wife and children outside of the school. They have been very close friends for along time. You know a man by how he leads his family. James is a man of character and is an example not only in his teaching of martial arts but also in his personal life.

I am now working at Next Level teaching the fitness kickboxing classes . I am down 70 lbs and in the best shape of my life. I am very thankful for the Terlecki's and am so proud to be apart of and a witness to the great things happening at Next Level Martial Arts.”